Monday, January 9, 2012

Let's try again

Sorry guys, we thought that the link would bring up the website.  I guess together Sparky and I may be able to figure this out.  The new website is .
Cheers and have a fabulous warm winter day.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

We are still here!

A new Sparky friend Kira
Our very own Santa
St. Nick?

Hi everyone, we are still here! I have been busy with building our new website and Sparky is not yet proficient at maintaining the Blog :) Woof! Check it out if you have a moment The new Waggin' Tail Website.
Anyway, wow, it has been a busy fall with the spectacular Santa visit, Sparky and Tessa have a new brother Nick (top photo).  What a very handsome boy, hope you will be seeing him at the cafe from time to time.
Well, I hope that everyone, all of you, had a peaceful, happy and healthy holiday season and are welcoming the year 2012 with your biggest hopes and dreams. 
We here at the Waggin' Tail have decided that this year we will continue to do our part in adding to a positive "Happiness Index" in our beautiful town of Meaford .
In January our evening event will be later in the month (give everybody a rest) with the speaker TBA soon.  We are going to planning a Pet Wag-a-walk-a-thon this spring with proceeds going to the Beautiful Joe Heritage Society, our very own place in history.
Don't forget that we would love to help you celebrate your own special pet events.....birthdays,,,,,,,,anniversaries.........welcoming new family additions...........on and on! any excuse for a party in these winter months.
Hope to see (sniff)  you very soon, check out facebook "Sparky Taylor", and our new website.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Some September patrons and a very special event

I want to share some photos of The Beautiful Joe Autumn Adventure. Have you been yet! It happens every year but this is the first time I have been involved and let me tell you, it was SPECTACULAR! I haven't seen such a variety of pets and their people in one place in a very long time!  Woofstock it is not but who knows what next year brings. 
Everyone was happy and loved visiting and playing and the blessing of the animals was a perfect end to a perfect day.  What a lot of love there was!
I am trying to keep up with all of the in shop photos that I am taking but have missed a few that I will be posting soon but please enjoy what you see, I sure have enjoyed all of our encounters.
If you haven't received our monthly newsletter and would like to just make sure I have your email, if I have it and you haven't received it please tell me because my memory isn't what it used to be!
Enjoy and have a day full of happiness!

That's a Chai Latte, no sugar please!

I am feeling a little blurry today, maybe a coffee will help

My mom sure loves me!

Did you say you wanted ANOTHER photo?

I'm bushed!

Some photos of The Beautiful Joe Autumn Adventure 2011

That's all for today

Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's the first full day of fall today.

It's a beautiful day but very fall like, no surprise! The days are definitely getting shorter and the farmers market is coming to a close.  I am going to be changing the Waggin' Tail hours in October, we will add another evening on Fridays and start closing Tuesdays.  I need to have another day off to take care of all of my other 4 legged creatures.  That means our hours of operation will be Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 11-5 and Thursday, Friday 11-8.  As the weather cools we will be adding the "Soup of the Day" for our canine friends and  Gourmet Hot Chocolate for humans. Our evening workshops will be starting in October and running once a month unless there is demand for more and don't forget to start planning your costumes for our "Howl"owe' en costume party on October 29th. Look for next months newsletter and check on "Sparky Taylors" Facebook page for updates on our happenings...................Oh yeah! We are also going to be carrying the tasty and nutritious "Riplees Ranch" dog and cat food starting in the next few much to remember!
Check tomorrow for some new photos from September.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Passport to Meaford

The Waggin' Tail is participating in an exciting new promotion in the Town of Meaford called "Passport Meaford". It runs from Sept. 1 - December 31, 2011 and 24 local merchants are taking part.  There will be 500 passports available free of charge at various locations (the Waggin' being one) and over the 4 months passport holders are invited to drop in to any of the merchants and receive a promotional offer and a stamp saying that they were there.  Once you have 8 stamps you can enter for a draw for one of two fabulous prizes.  Either $500 Meaford bucks to be spent at the 24 businesses or a package for a night out with accomodations, dinner, lunch and a show all offering some of what we do best.  If you see this, come in after Sept 1 and get a passport.  Hope to see you soon, there are only 500 passports available!

Joyce and Sparky

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I can't believe it is already mid-August!

Where is the summer going?  But I guess that happens every year.  It has been a great one at the Waggin' Tail Cafe, I have met many fabulous dogs with their very interesting owners.  As you will see in the photos we had our first birthday party, my friend Krista was celebrating for her best doggie companion "Gazoo" .  The handsome Gazoo turned two and had 4 or 5 of his friends and their human companions along with a human relative or two to join the party.  We had a cake and lots of presents, "happy birthday Gazoo"!
I have brought in a line of "human footwear" by the name of "DAWGS"................with a name like that how can I resist.  Besides, after buying my first pair, and not wanting to take them off for at least a week, I new they were a winner.
I would like to thank "On the Bay " magazine for their fantastic photo and coverage of the Cafe in their summer issue.  You are an awesome magazine I am very grateful!
Remember that we would love to help you celebrate any special pet events and hope you are already planning your 4 legged hallowe'en costume for the party.
We are starting a "customer wall of fame" here at the Waggin' Tail as well and if I forget to take any doggies picture please remind me (my memory is not what it used to be) as I want to have photos of all of Sparky's friends. There was a very sad event in our community recently in which we lost one of our sweet friends, I was very thankful to have a few photos from the shop to offer in memory.  Love you Maggie, all of the very best Wayne.  We are thinking of you.
Stay safe everyone and bye for now. Thanks so much to all of our wonderful past and future patrons and hope to see you soon.

Joyce and Sparky